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Reprints in Dermatology

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Genesis Biosystems: DermaFrac-Taking Micro-needling to a Whole New Level (471 kb PDF) – 4/11/2014

SESHA Skin Therapy: SESHA Skin Therapy Delivers Nutrients Cell Deep with Proven Permeation Enhancement Technology (1191 kb PDF) – 1/12/2012

Candela Corporation: Vbeam - The Safest, Effective & Most Trusted Pulse Dye Laser With Advanced Micropulse Technology (849 kb PDF) – 11/1/2011

Nuesoft: Nuetopia Medical Biling Services (1008 kb PDF) – 10/24/2011

Osmosis Skincare: DNA Repair Breakthrough And Stem Cell Derived Growth Factors Substantially Improve Skin Health (1160 kb PDF) – 2/1/2011

Ferndale: Alcortin A and Aloquin: Topical anti-infective (1135 kb PDF) – 3/1/2010

Avidas Pharmaceuticals: Avidoxy DK Defence Kit (1185 kb PDF) – 3/1/2009

Avidas Pharmaceuticals: Vitaphenol Skin Care Collection An Evolution in Skin Care (1153 kb PDF) – 3/1/2009

Ferndale Laboratories: Eletone Cream- Non-Steroidal Atopic Dermatitis Therapy Provides Non-Irritating Relief to Patients of All Ages (1182 kb PDF) – 3/1/2009

AvVaa World Healthcare Products: NEUROSKIN Skin Care Products (123 kb PDF) – 2/1/2007

CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Oracea (doxycycline, USP) The Only Once-Daily Oral Therapy for Rosacea (71 kb PDF) – 2/1/2007

OmniPath Diagnostics: OmniPath Diagnostics Your Sub-Specialized Dermatopathology Laboratory (83 kb PDF) – 2/1/2007

Stiefel: New MimyX® Cream For Atopic Dermatitis Symptom Relief (157 kb PDF) – 5/1/2006

Artes Medical: Artes Medical's Permanent Micro-Injectable Nears Final FDA Approval (126 kb PDF) – 3/1/2006

Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc.: Unique AmLactin™ XL™ Is A Clinically Proven Superior Moisturizer (120 kb PDF) – 3/1/2006

Dermatopathology Laboratory of Central States: Dedication to Patient Care in Today's World (101 kb PDF) – 2/1/2005

Swiss American: Elta® Gold Sunblock Products (82 kb PDF) – 2/1/2005

Connetics Corporation: EVOCLIN (clindamycin phosphate) Foam, 1% (81 kb PDF) – 2/1/2005


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