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Reprints in Digestive Disease

Choose from the list below to download a PDF file of the client reprint:

MAX Endoscopy: MAX Endoscopy (1173 kb PDF) – 5/1/2008

Axcan Pharma Inc.: Pylera 3-in-1 Capsule (1228 kb PDF) – 5/1/2007

PENTAX Medical Company: The PENTAX EPK-i (1070 kb PDF) – 5/1/2007

AmeriPath, Inc.: Clinical Utility of Microsatellite Instability Testing in the Diagnosis and Management of Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer (1071 kb PDF) – 5/1/2007

Blackwell Publishing: At the Forefront of Endoscopy Technology (1211 kb PDF) – 5/1/2007

invendo medical GmbH: The invendoscopy e40 System with the Single-Use invendoscope SC40 (1723 kb PDF) – 5/1/2007

AmeriPath Inc.: Gastrointestinal Diagnostics (69 kb PDF) – 10/1/2006

PENTAX Medical: Confocal Endomicroscopy (248 kb PDF) – 10/1/2006

Centocor Inc.: Centocor Pioneers the Future of Biomedicines in a Year It Bids Farewell to the Creator of Its Illustrious Past (96 kb PDF) – 5/1/2006

Salix Pharmaceuticals: Colazal® Delivers Higher Distal Colonic Mucosal Concentrations* Than Asacol (62 kb PDF) – 5/1/2006

AmeriPath Inc.: AmeriPath Gastrointestinal Diagnostics (69 kb PDF) – 5/1/2006

Axcan Pharma: Delivering Therapies that Improve Survival and Enhance the Quality of Life for Gastrointestinal Patients (94 kb PDF) – 5/1/2005

Davol: EndoCinch Suturing System Found Effective for at Least 24 Months (87 kb PDF) – 5/1/2005

Pentax Medical: Confocal Endomicroscopy: (129 kb PDF) – 5/1/2005

Braintree Laboratories: Miralax Polyethylene Glycol 3350, NF Powder for Solution: The #1 Prescribed Laxative (70 kb PDF) – 5/1/2004

Schwarz Pharma: TriLyte with Flavor Packs: A Lower-sodium, High-PEG Lavage with Five Flavor Packs (297 kb PDF) – 5/1/2004


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