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Medco Forum – About Us

“Medco Forum has been an outstanding resource for Olympus by allowing us to educate a very targeted group of healthcare professionals with exceptional editorial provided by your professional and extremely competent journalists. You’ve done an excellent job of establishing a consistently compelling publication. Thank you!”


Medco Forum, Inc.
Rita Garson, Editor-in-Chief

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Ph: (720) 253-0736
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Medco Forum is in its 31st year of providing innovative medical publications. Our circulation varies depending upon the area of specialization. Some medical specialties are more refined, while others are quite large, with circulations in excess of 40,000 readers.

Medco Forum is a well-respected medical newsletter written and edited by a select editorial team composed of both physicians and professional medical journalists. Its purpose is to provide healthcare professionals with an exclusive preview of the latest innovations in their medical field prior to their annual conference. Each issue of Medco Forum showcases, in an article format, six non-competing products or services from carefully selected companies within a particular medical field. Every issue is mailed first-class prior to the conference, and reprints of each specific article also are made available for distribution in advance of the conference. Each reprint is also published online at our website, listed under a specific medical discipline.

The Medco Forum newsletter reaches physicians who are interested in reading a highly technical medical newsletter specific to their field of specialization. Recipients are all decision making physicians and medical professionals who are on the constant lookout for products and services that will keep them on top of their field and also improve the efficiency of their medical practice.

Medco Forum’s mailing list is a vigorously cleaned controlled circulation list, allowing marketers to reach decision-making physicians in specific medical disciplines. Ours is one of the most responsive, deliverable and selectable physician’s files on the list rental market today. Our website is a valuable resource for maintaining much of this important information. We offer a free calendar of upcoming medical conferences to help healthcare professionals plan their schedules. Accessing information from our website is easy once you register with us. We believe privacy is important, and know you do too. To review our Privacy Policy, click here. If you have any questions or comments or wish to receive one of our Medco Forum newsletters, feel free to contact us.


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