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Client Email Blast Examples

Email Blast Examples in Urologists

Choose from the list below to download an example:

Prometheus Group: Morpheus RealTime 360 Endorectal Ultrasound for fecal incontinence (97 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

Prometheus Group: Morpheus Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation (92 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

Convergent Laser : T-1470 proTouch for BPH and ALL Soft Tussue (79 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

Prometheus Group: WiCAM wireless digital Endoscope Camera and LED light source (107 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

PSS Urology Inc.: S-Cath Suprapubic Foley Catheter Introducing Set Delivers Simplicity, Control and Safety in Complete Kit (117 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

Optical Integrity: ScopeSafe Laser Fiber with Soft Tip (120 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

PersonalMed: Urine Control for men (119 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

Lisa Laser USA: RevoLix 200 watt laser for BPH, bladder tumors and strictures is the most powerful Thulium laser available. (79 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

Prometheus Group: AUA Show Specials (147 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

SurgiTel: Experience SurgiTel®'s Next Generation Lightweight Loupes and LED Headlights (154 kb PDF) – 11/22/2019

PersonalMed: Does it matter where you get your pessaries? (163 kb PDF) – 11/13/2019


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