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Reprints in Otolaryngology

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NATUS: 3D Digital Ear Scanning Solution (221 kb PDF) – 3/31/2020

Balanceback: BALANCEBACK - THE LEADER IN FALL PREVENTION (2627 kb PDF) – 10/7/2014

Arches: Growing Number of Otolaryngologists Refer Their Tinitus Patients To Arches Tinitus Formula (1266 kb PDF) – 8/30/2012

Meditab Software: Inteligent Medical Software (IMS) For Otolaryngologists (1284 kb PDF) – 7/23/2012

Interacoustics: Interacoustics Introduces Unique Computer-Integrated Products for Most Effective Analysis of Middle Ear, Auditory Pathways and Vestibular System (1086 kb PDF) – 9/8/2011

Merz Aesthetics: Recent Studies Validate Safety, Efficacy of CaHA and CMC For Glotal Insuficiency Treatment (1112 kb PDF) – 9/8/2011

Neilmed: Regular Use of Nasal Irrigation Benefits Patients with Upper Respirator y Conditions (1218 kb PDF) – 9/8/2011

AxoGen: You 've Got the Nerve -The AxoGen Avance Nerve Graft (1034 kb PDF) – 9/1/2008

Coapt Systems: Noviele Voice -Keep on Talking , and Talking , and . . . (998 kb PDF) – 9/1/2008

Lisa Laser: Laser : Opportunity for Otolaryngology (1174 kb PDF) – 9/1/2008

Olympus Surgical: The Olympus ENF-V2 Video RhinoLaryngoscope (759 kb PDF) – 9/1/2007

Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics: Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics CLA Allergy Test: Helping Family Physicians Prevent And Treat Allergic and Immunologic Problems (748 kb PDF) – 9/1/2007

BioForm Medical: Radiesse Voice Injection-Proven Safe and Effective for Glottal Insufficiency (735 kb PDF) – 9/1/2007


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