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Reprints in Family Practice Medicine

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Bio-Rad: Assesing an Epide mic With the in 2it (1180 kb PDF) – 9/1/2008

Nutramax Laboratories: Learn About the Newest Advancement In Joint Care . . . Before Your Patients Ask! (1226 kb PDF) – 9/1/2008

Nutramax Laboratories: The Importance of EPA and DHA Omega -3 Fatty Acids to Cardiovascular Health (1180 kb PDF) – 9/1/2008

Roche Diagnostics: Roche Elecsys® proBNP Assay (96 kb PDF) – 9/1/2006

Dey LP: Anaphylaxis: Know the Facts, Prescribe the Treatment (89 kb PDF) – 10/1/2005

Quest Medical: InSure® Fecal Immunochemistry Occult Blood Test Simplifies Colorectal Cancer Screening (65 kb PDF) – 10/1/2005

McNeil Consumer: Flexeril® (cyclobenzaprine HCl) 5 mg t.i.d. Is As Effective As Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg t.i.d. in Relieving Back Pain Associated with Muscle Spasm (95 kb PDF) – 9/1/2005

Sanofi Pasteur: Fluzone®, Influenza Virus Vaccine (92 kb PDF) – 9/1/2005


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