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2018 Medical Conference Schedule

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  Issue Audience Dates Location
STS Thoracic Surgeons Jan 27–31 Fort Lauderdale, FL
NAVC Veterinarians Feb 3–7 Orlando, FL
AAD Dermatologists Feb 16–18 San Diego, CA
SCCM Critical Care Physicians Feb 25–28 San Antonio, TX
AAAAI Allergists & Immunologists Mar 2–5 Orlando, FL
APS Pain Specialists Mar 4–6 Anaheim, CA
AAOS Orthopaedic Surgeons Mar 6–10 New Orleans, LA
ACC Cardiologists Mar 10–12 Orlando, FL
ENDO Endocrinologists Mar 17–20 Chicago, IL
SIR Interventional Radiologists Mar 17–22 Los Angeles, CA
AORN Peri Operative Nurses Mar 24–28 New Orleans, LA
ACP Internal Medicine Physicians Apr 19–21 New Orleans, LA
AAN Neurologists Apr 21–27 Los Angeles, CA
ASAPS Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Apr 26–May 1 New York, NY
ACOG Obstetricians/Gynecologists Apr 27–30 Austin, TX
AATS Thoracic Surgeons Apr 28–May 1 San Diego, CA
AANS Neurological Surgeons Apr 28–May 2 New Orleans, LA
AGS Internists/Geriatric Specialists May 3–5 Orlando, FL
AAO Orthodontists May 4–8 Washington, D.C.
APA Psychiatrists May 5–9 New York, NY
CLMA Laboratory Managers May 6–9 Long Beach, CA
HRS Electrophysiologists/Cardiologists May 9–12 Boston, MA
AACE Clinical Endocrinologists May 16–20 Boston, MA
AUA Urologists May 18–22 San Francisco, CA
ATS Pulmonologists May 18–23 San Diego, CA
ASCRS Colon and Rectal Surgeons May 19–23 Nashville, TN
AACN Critical-Care Nurses May 22–24 Boston, MA
ASCO Clinical Oncologists Jun 1–5 Chicago, IL
DDW Gastroenterologists Jun 2–5 Washington, D.C.
SVS Cardiovascular/Vascular Surgeons Jun 20–23 Boston, MA
ASE Cardiologists/Physicians Jun 22–26 Nashville, TN
ADA Diabetes Specialists Jun 22–26 Orlando, FL
AACC Clinical Chemistry Jul 29–Aug 2 Chicago, IL
TCT Interventional Cardiologists/Radiologists/Vascular Surgeons Sep 21–25 San Diego, CA
ENA Emergency Nurses Sep 26–29 Pittsburgh, PA
NASS Spine Specialists Sep 26–29 Los Angeles, CA
ASPS Plastic Surgeons Sep 28–Oct 2 Chicago, IL
ACEP Emergency Physicians Oct 1–4 San Diego, CA
ASCP Clinical Pathologists Oct 3–5 Baltimore, MD
IDSA Infectious Disease Specialists Oct 3–7 San Francisco, CA
ACG Gastroenterologists Oct 5–10 Philadelphia, PA
ASRM Ob/Gyn/Urologists Oct 6–10 Denver, CO
ACCP Chest Physicians Oct 6–10 San Antonio, TX
CNS Neurological Surgeons Oct 6–11 Houston, TX
AAO-HNS Otolaryngologists Oct 7–10 Atlanta, GA
AAOMS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Oct 8–13 Chicago, IL
AAFP Family Physicians Oct 9–13 New Orleans, LA
ASDS Dermatological Surgeons Oct 11–14 Phoenix, AZ
AABB Blood Banking and Transfusion Oct 13–16 Boston, MA
ASA Anesthesiologists Oct 13–17 San Francisco, CA
ADA Dentists Oct 19–22 Honolulu, HI
ASTRO Radiation Oncologists Oct 21–24 San Antonio, TX
ACR Rheumatologists Oct 21–24 Chicago, IL
ACS Surgeons Oct 21–25 Boston, MA
ASN Nephrologists Oct 23–28 San Diego, CA
AAP Periodontologists Oct 27–30 Vancouver, BC
AAO Ophthalmologists Oct 27–30 Chicago, IL
AAP Pediatricians Nov 3–6 Orlando, FL
AASLD Liver Disease Specialists Nov 9–13 San Francisco, CA
AHA Cardiologists Nov 10–14 Chicago, IL
AAGL Gynecologic Laparoscopists Nov 11–15 Las Vegas, NV
ASMBS Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons Nov 13–15 Nashville, TN
ACAAI Allergists & Immunologists Nov 15–19 Seattle, WA
RSNA Radiologists Nov 25–30 Chicago, IL
AES Epileptologists Nov 30–Dec 4 New Orleans, LA
ASH Hematologists Dec 1–4 San Diego, CA
AAEP Equine Practitioners Dec 1–5 San Francisco, CA



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