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Client Email Blast Examples

Email Blast Examples in Spine Specialists

Choose from the list below to download an example:

PARÉ : See the visual improvement the NOVA can make with its shadowless light (172 kb PDF) – 11/21/2019

Meditab: Intelligent Medical Software for Neurological and Spine Surgeons (129 kb PDF) – 11/21/2019

Misonix BoneScalpel: Ultrasonic Osteotome Precisely Cuts Bone With Minimal Trauma To Soft Tissue (172 kb PDF) – 11/21/2019

Amedica: Research Shows Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Exhibits Antibacterial Properties, Superior Bone Growth (167 kb PDF) – 11/21/2019

SpineView: enSpire FLEX MIS Discectomy System Replaces Manual Instruments with Articulating Power Tool (159 kb PDF) – 11/21/2019

Priority Consult: Software Supports Rapid Patient Care Triage and Work Flow Within a Hospital-Based Spine Center or Private Surgical Practice (99 kb PDF) – 11/21/2019

Misonix BoneScalpel: Visit us at NASS booth 2112 (162 kb PDF) – 11/21/2019


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