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Client Email Blast Examples

Email Blast Examples in Orthopedic Surgeons

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OrthoLazer: Orthopedic surgeons are facing more challenges today than ever before. (181 kb PDF) – 12/28/2021

OrthoLazer: According to this recent article in Becker's Spine Review, prior authorizations for orthopedic procedures are... (94 kb PDF) – 10/28/2021

OrthoLazer: The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons updated their recommendations for osteoarthritis (94 kb PDF) – 10/9/2021

OrthoLazer: Is it hard to open an OrthoLazer Orthopedic Laser Center? (277 kb PDF) – 9/9/2021

OrthoLazer: Have you been skeptical of the efficacy of laser therapy for chronic pain? (62 kb PDF) – 7/9/2021

NTD Eurofins: NTD Eurofins now offers SARS Testing (147 kb PDF) – 3/31/2020

Checkpoint Surgical: Employing surgical techniques designed to protect and preserve nerves during surgery. (162 kb PDF) – 11/19/2019

DJO Global: Health Economics Study Provides the TENS Evidence CMS Seeks (101 kb PDF) – 11/19/2019

Cutting Edge Lasers: Alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, promotes healing and restores mobility. (75 kb PDF) – 11/19/2019

Blue Belt Technologies: Navio robotic assisted partial knee replacement (125 kb PDF) – 11/19/2019

PARÉ : Nova hand controlled LED surgical lighting (131 kb PDF) – 11/19/2019

SunMedica: The hipGRIP II® is a system to hold a surgery patient on the operating room table (171 kb PDF) – 11/19/2019

SunMedica: The kneeGRIP a system that supports the lower extremity for knee surgery such as a total knee replacement. (111 kb PDF) – 11/19/2019


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